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Make & discover maps. Add photos, videos and audio. Share your map with friends, a group or the world ...

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Explore the globe using the Pinza app - discover maps packed with awesome media. Great for research, fun and fact-finding.

Use on Location

Enhance your visit by using Pinza on location. Wherever you are, you discover the best bars, restaurants, museums, cafes, hotels and secret spots. Use Pinza for Holidays and Travel, Trip Planning, Science and History - and anything else!

Make Maps On The Go

Download the Pinza app now - discover all public maps made by other users. You can even make an instant map with your own media - great for holidays, blogging, travel and exploring.

Mobile and Web

Use the Pinza app to browse and create maps. You can also access your account at our web portal , allowing you to upload content from your desktop.


You can even submit media to other people's maps for them to approve. Why not start a map for your place, community or hobby. Start a shared family photo map and invite others to contribute?

Augmented Reality

Pinza will conjure up AR style video screens to playback media and even show 3D models - just hold up your phone and enjoy. Think of it as a time machine to see what happened at this spot.

Drop Media

Drop secret media for your friends. Pin a 'Thank-you' note, Birthday wishes, or a secret video, photo or audio message. Pin it outside their house, or place of work - you can pin anything, anywhere™

Maps with Stories

We all have a story to tell. Our mission is to allow anyone to pin anywhere, anywhere™. Pinza is an augmented mapping platform so you can inspire others with what you know and where you've been.

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Register for a free Pinza account. Create public & private maps on device or via your browser. Add & update pins or media anytime you want.


Grab the free iOS app. Pinza is filled with amazing experiences, ready for you to discover. You can even make an instant map with your own media.


Create maps for things you're passionate about, anywhere in the world. Include images, audio and video from your mobile or desktop.

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