Pinza is brand new social media platform that combines the power of map geo-location with best-of-breed social features. Built around the idea of Maps and Pins, Pinza is an opportunity to create really powerful content for festivals and entirely new ways of interacting with guests

A Pin is a geo-located lat, long position in the world that can hold any information, like images, videos, livestreams, posts etc.

A Map is a collection of Pins grouped together. Maps can represent many things, like a music festival site-map, a sporting event, etc.

Our dynamic festival maps are fantastic ways to smoothly navigate whilst on-location, or remotely - but giving the feeling like you’re on-location, even when you’re not. In addition to normal social media posts and interactions (liking, commenting etc) Pinza allows for contributions, meaning anyone can contribute media to a Map that they don’t own. Let current, and past, festival goers built out the memories at your festival. You retain approval control of what appears where at all times.

The easiest way for festivals to use Pinza is by creating a map of their Festival layout, meaning everyone onsite with Pinza has instant access to a dynamic site map. Pins can refer to individual artists, showing when and where they are playing. At a glance ticket holders can see the entire festival schedule built into the dynamic map. And with Pinza contributions, guests will be able to contribute their photos and videos to the festival map, allowing the Map to organically grow with contributed media.

REGISTER ON PINZAFESTIVALS is our tailor-made web portal so festivals have the flexibility to create their own site plan, exactly as they want, reflecting all stages, artist, facilities, gates, and other points of interest.

Simply go to and go through the registration process. After signing up, you’ll be prompted to adding an avatar image and to claim a username. If you need any help during this process, drop us an email at

Absolutely not, a PinzaFestivals account is completely free.


After signing up for an account, you’ll go straight into creating an event. If not, hover over home and select NEW EVENT from the drop down.
Select a category for your event. (You can change this later).
Tap Create and Continue at the bottom.

Now you have your Map created, you’ll want to add some Pins into it.
Select if you want to add an image, video, audio or text from the side panel next to the map.
If you’re adding a media, tap Choose File, upload a media from your desktop and click Upload in the side panel. If you selected text, tap the Drop a new text pin button.
Now you can click anywhere on the map to drop that media onto the world. After clicking, you’ll be prompted to give a Pin title, after filling that out, click Pin media here and your pin will be create.
Now you’ll be taken to the Pin info section, where you can add details like Pin title, category, priority, additional media etc.
You can repeat this process to create all the Pins you want in your Map.

On the right you have a list titled Pins Placed. Clicking on a Pin title will take you to the Pin info to edit of that Pin. Alternatively, you can click the Show Pins button under your Map name, this will take you to a map where you can navigate to a pin you want to edit, click on it and then click on Edit Pin.

Click the Edit PinzaPlace button below your festival name.

We provide a number of ways for you to monetise your festival on Pinza :
Tickets: Maps, Pins and even media can be locked behind a paywall, giving your huge flexibility to create new revenue streams for your festival guests that are on location, as well as potential guests that don’t have a physical tickets.
Mapmojis: Pinza have map based avatars, called Mapmojis, that users can assign to represent themselves on the map in chats. These can be purchased from the Pinza store for a in-app purchase. Festivals can create their own Mapmoji packs to be sold in the store, acting as virtual festival merchandise and allowing your guests to support the festival. Contact us if you need help to make a custom Mapmoji pack

If you think you’ve finished your Map, you can click on Publishing Check under the Map title. This will send the map off to our map submission team to check over the map before publishing it.
Note: You don’t have to be 100% finished with your Map, you can still change it after submitting.

We’re here to help, so if you need any help, found a problem or have a question, tap the New Ticket button (note , account required first). Here you can send us a support ticket, with a ticket type category, title and message. Then hit Submit Ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Pinza is built around new and innovative features and we want to help you create completely new and innovative content from those features. So the Map submission process is so that we can look through your Map, check everything meets our content guidelines and help you get the very best out of the Pinza tools available to you.

Submission speed can vary depending on many factors but we aim to get them done and approved as quickly as possible. To make the process as smooth and fast as possible, please make sure you’ve filled out the info for your Map and Pins as much as possible, read through our Content Guidelines and check everything you’re submitting meets them.
If you have any questions about the submission process, feel free to contact us.

Once your Map has been approved, it will be published to the app database and be visible to users on the Pinza app. Any edits to your Map or any Pins will not be needed to go through the submission process and will be immediately published to the app.

Pinza is just getting started, so promoting Pinza and your Map with your audience before that start of your festival, giving them time to download and get started with Pinza, will help massively on the day of your festival.