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Group chats on a map. Simple.

Transform your group chats with friends and family, into a MapChat - A hub to share location, maps, pins and media, with full privacy control.


Your story told like no other.

Drop media in the world as you go. Securely share what you want, with who you want, when you want.


See the world with new eyes.

Geolocate photos and video to the world to create guides, treasure hunts, photo albums, itineraries, memories - the possibilities are endless.

Privacy is key

Location and privacy shouldn’t be a scary thing. Pinza was designed from the ground up, with privacy at the core. Enjoy end-to-end encryption from day one, full location control and powerful content sharing options. The end result is a safe and secure experience for users.

Your location,
made history

We don't know your whereabouts. As you move, we scrub your location history - plus everything is encrypted. We don’t know where you are now, or where you were.

Keeping your chat in your chat

Keep your conversation closed. Every chat made in Pinza features end-to-end encyption for messages, location and media. No-one can see what is said, or shared, in your chat - not even us.

Great privacy means great control

You have complete control over privacy and sharing with innovative built-in features like approximate locations for pins and post delays for LiveMaps.

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